Qualitas Studio offers business consultancy services specialised inmarket analysis, with a specific focus on the promotion of organic products and the research of customers and suppliers.

How do we do it?

Trade fairs: we will promote your organic products at annual trade fairs both in Italy and abroad. Trade fairs are an excellent opportunity to meet potential customers, establish contacts with suppliers and create awareness of your brand in the industry.

Social networks: We know how important is technology in product promotion today. Qualitas Studio will help you make the best use of social networks to promote your organic and sustainable products online.

Databases and market research: We have access to different databases containing information on potential customers and suppliers in the organic sector. We use these resources to conduct detailed market research and identify business opportunities and contacts that best suit your needs.

Network of contacts: During our activities, we have developed a contacts network in the organic products sector. We use these relationships to connect you with potential customers and suppliers, creating opportunities for collaboration and expanding your professional network.

In short, Qualitas Studio can combine the use of trade fairs, social networks, databases, and personal contacts to provide you with an effective strategy aimed at the success of your business.

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